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Die for flared pipe

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Can provide you with integrated pipe fitting mold solution



In the continuous improvement of service quality and the continuous pursuit of excellence, Jingzheng mold is committed to becoming a first-class plastic mold manufacturing company.


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The market is always changing, and the integrity is always the same

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Corporate culture

Honing ingenuity and practicing Chinese quality manufacturing

Core strength

Specializing in the manufacture of injection molding pipe fittings

Product advantage

Experienced in design, professional PVC, PPR standard database management, with comprehensive development concept。

Patent technology

More than 20 unique patent technologies, such as flared slider, double helix, mold arc side shaft, etc 

Service core
Provide design, manufacturing and after-sales one-stop all-round service

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With excellent quality and reasonable price, we have won the trust and praise of our customers


More than 20 years of experience in pipe mould manufacturing



We have more than 200 like-minded teammates



Products are exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries